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Krillin, how would you like me to repay you for saving my life? Android 18+ 🤣 set will be for my December tier 4 on: Hope you will like my DBZ waifu
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Going outside vs At home 😁 Perfect disguise
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How are you? Sorry I’m not used to Twitter so I am very bad with reply and post 🥺 Lately I’ve always been in poor health. I hope you’re doing better than me! Stay healthy ❤️
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Rip my shirt 😨 Adult Hilda available tier 3 this month on: Sorry I haven’t been posting the last few days since I was taking some parts in current event! I pray that everyone is safe right now! 😭
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Want me to show you what my cells are made of? White blood cell for April tier 2 on: ❤️ Hope you like it
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Your present this holiday is... me! :"< Christmas Aerith will be for January tier 4 on: Come and unwrap your present <3 <3
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Cosplay vs Casual ❤️ All for you ❤️ Lingerie Baddest Ahri for tier 3 and Megane Girlfrien for tier 4 October on: Which do you like?
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"So we finally met~" #LadyDimitrescu cosplay from #ResidentEvilVillage :"3 So excited to shoot the spicy ver next month for patreon <3 Hope you like it!
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Smile and fight! My fav selfie and fav shot from Tifa set! Available for tier 4 May on: Hope you will like it ❤️❤️ #hanabunny #cosplay #FF7Remake #Tifa
検索:hanabunny  cosplay  FF7Remake  Tifa  
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How may I help you today? #SamsungSam spicy for July patr0n tier 2 Link in bio :"3 Hope you like this version! #samsunggirl #samsungvirtualassistant #cosplay
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Do you want to eat my cooking? Shion from Slime for April tier 4 on: ❤️🥺 Super sexy set so don’t miss out
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Am I not your favorite librarian? Lisa from #Genshinimpact will be for May tier 4 patr0n ❤️ Link in my bio ❤️
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You look delicious ❤️ Time to eat ❤️ #LadyDimitrescu flower pasties version coming on March tier 4 on: 🥺 It was hard to get the roses to stay here
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“I guess I could pretend to be your girlfriend again...” Chizuru from Rent a Girlfriend for Sept tier 2 on: ❤️ She’s my waifu this season! What about you?
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How is your 2021 so far 🥺? Has it been good?
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Ara ara~ Did you know there’s a special section in the library? Lisa from #GenshinImpact for May patr0n tier 4 ❤️ Link in bio ❤️
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Do you want to pull on my zipper? :"<~ Gothic Bunny for May patr0n tier 2 <3 Link is in bio This zipper really pulls down all the way~
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Queen Bee Tifa from FFVIIR cosplay based on @SakimiChanArt for July tier 4 on: Do you like my bee butt ❤️ So fluffy! #FFVIIR #Tifa #cosplay
検索:FFVIIR  Tifa  cosplay  
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My apron dropped... Can you help me? 🥺 Mama Shiba for January tier 3 on: So shy to do a topless shot 🥺 Hope you like it
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“You know I got it like, bomb bomb blow your mind~” Lingerie KDA All Out Ahri will be for December tier 3 on: ❤️ I love shiny lingerie so much 🥺
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I guess now it’s our private party~ Formal Boa Hancock for June patr0n tier 4 ❤️ Link in bio ❤️ Hope you like it!
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Love pillar Mitsuri is here to give you some training ❤️ Valentine Mitsuri for March tier 3 on: ❤️ Hope you like this pink combination with costume from @moeflavor_com
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“Do you wanna talk about your island evaluations?” Humanoid Isabelle based off @SakimiChanArt is for June tier 4 on: Hope you like it! #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon
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Come! I'll train you to use your breathing~ Shinobu Kochou available now for tier 4 on: #DemonSlayer #kimetsunoyaiba #shinobukochou #hanabunny #sexy
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Shooting this in the cold outside is a challenge 🥺 Quiet for December tier 2 on: Look at the sky’s transitioning ❤️
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Do you mind spending time with me today? Gotou Airi for June patr0n tier 2 ❤️ Link in bio ❤️ Hope you like this look!
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Different faces of Jill! This set is for my May tier 2 on: This panties somehow is tiny but very comfortable ❤️❤️ #ResidentEvil3Remake #residentevil #cosplay #JillValentine
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Autumn is coming! It means red and orange color! Moon Bunny set will be for November tier 2 on: I love wearing red on mid Autumn festival! Do you like my bunny lantern?
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Shooting St. Louis Luxurious Wheels for August tier 4 on: Dress is slippery and a challenge to keep on and unfortunately there is no McLaren rental in my area 😭 but I hope you like it ❤️
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Adult Hilda for June tier 3 on: ❤️ based off @SakimiChanArt ! Who is your fav pokemon trainer/gym leader/master you’d like to see cosplayed?